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  • Shri.Gangaram Balkishan Modi public School, is a place where one is provided with good atmosphere and facilities to learn or acquire knowledge.Knowledge is an important part of education but it alone cannot make a person completely educated.Education is a life long and never ending process.Swami Vivekananda the great Indian sage ,''If education was identical with information ,the libraries would be the greatest sages and the encyclopedias the rishies."Knowledge is the one side of the coin and the other is the action inspired by the knowledge. There bare two natural outcomes of education, information and formation.And later formation will leads to transformation. The final outcome indicates that those who are properly educated will bring a change not only in their lives but also in the society. Knowledge without wisdom can be highly dangerous and destructive.Wisdom is the ability to know how something can be done in the best way.If one has only knowledge and not wisdom it will lead him to dangers.Hence we are trying to bring an all round development or growth of whole being in all its aspects..

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Admission Open 2019-2020
Best school building and infrastructure in the city
Best student teacher ratio in rajasthan
Qualified & cometent management & staff
Dedicated teachers for music,dance and sports